Why you need the services of a Damp Specialist

Why You Need the Services of a Damp Specialist

Dampness in your home can cause severe structural damage to your property over time and cause wood rotting fungi such as wet rot or dry rot. Leaving the damp in your home for a long period of time is likely to cause timber decay. If your home is affected by damp, it would be prudent to conduct a damp survey. A damp survey is a special property survey that looks specifically for any damp problems your property may have. A qualified damp specialist knows what to look for to establish whether your house could be suffering damp damage.


What Do Damp Specialists do?

A damp specialist will establish whether your property is affected by damp or not. The expert will also identify the extent of damage and offer the right solution to deal with the problems in your property. Therefore, it is important to work with damp experts who will provide an honest damp survey report and offer you cost-effective solutions. The damp specialist will be able to provide the report within 48 hours. They provide a comprehensive report and estimate that the property owner can easily understand.


What is Included in the Damp Report?

The specialist will provide a detailed report with observations and recommendations with costs for any remedial work necessary either through an email or the post and make sure the report is easy to understand. They will also include everything they have found about the building during their survey and anything else that they may have concluded during the question and answer session with the occupants. The specialist survey should include:

Signs of damp ingress and defects in the fabric of the property, they may also advise inspection and repair by others for defects in any of the following;

  • Defects in the external gutters and
  • Any damage in the down-pipes
  • Missing or damaged pointing
  • Visible cracking in the render coating
  • Properly maintained external decorations
  • Any findings in terms of gaps around the door and window frames
  • Flashing roof or defective roof covering


You will need a full damp specialist report, especially if you purchase a property, a home, or a commercial building. It may give you bargaining power and everything that requires pair that you need to know all that before buying your house. If you are buying the building, you need the services of a damp specialist Glasgow before you begin your buying process.


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