Why is a Timber and Damp Report Required?

When looking to buy your new home you may discover that you need to provide a timber and damp report. This should not alarm you as it is a normal procedure that needs carried out. A specialist will come to the property and complete a Timber and Damp Survey, finding any signs of damp or damage to the timber.

Mortgage providers, banks or building societies will often ask for a timber and damp report to be provided with your application. It will require a qualified specialist to complete the Timber and Damp Survey and identify the issues, if any, in the property.

Costs on these reports can vary. Some organisations will offer a “free survey” and you will be charged based on the remedial work that is needed. Others will offer a paid Timber and Damp Survey but will have no incentive to find extra work within the home. The costs of these surveys can vary on the size of the property, the location and the type of survey required.

When carrying out the Timber and Damp Survey the surveyor will often start with the exterior of home. They will look for any damage to the brickwork, roof, drainage or chimneys. They will also identify whether there has been a previous damp proof course applied to the property. Inside the property, the specialist will examine the loft for signs of wood worm or fungal decay to the timber. The rooms and hallways of the property will checked for signs of damp, decay or infestation to the woodwork (door frames, skirtings), walls and where possible underneath the floorboards.

Once the survey has been completed, you can expect to receive a comprehensive timer and damp report from the specialist. This will detail all, if any, damage to the property and the appropriate steps needed to remedy. If you have any queries about the report, contact the specialist who will be more than happy to help.

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