What is a Damp Survey?

What is a Damp Survey?

A Damp Survey is when a surveyor will come to your property and identify any damp related issues. The surveyor should be CSTDB (Certificated Surveyor of Timber and Damp in Buildings) qualified and will go through your property to identify signs of dampness, the damage it has caused and the potential costs to rectify the problem. Where a normal property survey will look at the overall condition, a Damp Survey will look specifically at what (if any) form of damp is present and the damage it has caused.

Should a Damp Specialist carry out the survey?

In short, yes. A qualified damp specialist should be called to complete the survey. They will be able to give a very good assessment of the issue and the steps needed to fix the problem. The surveyor will use tools and equipment specific to Damp Survey. A damp meter for example is a tool they will use to measure the level of moisture within the property walls.

Depending on where the damp is found, the surveyor will be able to assess the type of damp affecting the building. For example if the dampness is only affecting the wall to a height of approximately one meter, it is likely the property is suffering from rising damp.

After the qualified specialist has assessed the property and discovered the issue, they will write a Damp Report on the property.

What is a Damp Report?

Once the issues have been assessed in the Damp Survey, the Damp Report will be produced. It will be sent to you by post or email and include a fully detailed report on the issues found within the property. It will often include drawings and specifications of the property floor-plan which highlight the affected areas. It will provide the steps towards remediation which can be provided to a specialist contractor.



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