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One of our Approved Specialist Contractors, Insula Preserve, recently completed a project to eradicate Dry Rot from a large semi-detached villa for a property developer client.

We originally inspected the property for another prospective purchaser where the only visual evidence of Dry Rot was red spore dust in the rear kitchen projection of the ground floor. There were, however, various other indications that decay was likely to be widespread throughout adjacent areas and out initial budget assessment was enough to put them off purchasing the property.

Subsequently, a developer purchased the property factoring in the substantial allowance for remedial works. Following substantial exposure to the affected areas by the developers own labour, they invited ourselves to carry out another inspection to specify, cost and subsequently organise remedial works to be undertaken. The initial instruction was only to undertake the specialist remedial works, structural repairs and treatments (with the remainder of works such as wall and ceiling linings, finishings, etc to be carried out by the developer’s own labour. Due to the fact that some structural repairs would be superseded by new structural alterations to provide a more modern layout it was agreed the most practical and economic method would be for these structural changes to be undertaken by the specialist contractor at the same time. This involved forming new internal and external openings some of which required major propping and beam installation and subsequent masonry repair.

Whilst all of the above was challenging (and costly!), works were able to be completed within the budget allowed by the developer and one saving grace was that the Dry Rot outbreak could be eradicated before it has spread to the adjoining property.



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