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Of all the surveys we attend to investigate potential damp and timber issues around 30% of all reports we subsequently issue do not recommend specialist remedial works as being necessary? Our service is to provide our customers with the right advice – not the advice that makes money for contractors who often specify unnecessary specialist works.

Quite often concerns are raised, not only by homeowners and tenants but by property professionals including surveyors and architects over damp and timber defects. After further inspection by ourselves, these concerns can often be alleviated or even removed by offering practical advice or recommending less costly repairs by the right tradesmen for the job. Examples of this include condensation being misdiagnosed as rising damp; woodworm being a species (such as bark borer) which do not require chemical treatment; leaks below floor soaking base of walls; choked rainwater goods, roofing maintenance, etc.

As our surveyors are fully qualified and experienced in our field of expertise, you can be confident that you’re getting the right advice and not advice that will serve to generate revenue. In addition to unscrupulous contractors (who prey on the “distressed purchase” scenario and the layperson relying on their “expert” knowledge) there are just those who don’t know any better!

Although we have no vested interest in finding issues within properties (in order to generate revenue by undertaking further works), we do have a duty of care to identify issues and specify the most appropriate specialist works where necessary. That why when you choose to obtain our advice you’ll receive the right advice!

Should you have any concerns or queries on an issue you may have please do not hesitate to contact us – we can often give advice on certain issues over the phone and will only recommend a survey if we feel it is necessary or point you in the right direction to someone better placed to help.

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