Health Risks of Dry Rot

Any form of wood rotting fungi can cause problems to your property, but Dry Rot Ayrshire is the most problematic of them all. If the property is being affected by dry rot, it means there could potentially be a serious damp problem that needs fixed. Dry Rot itself will not cause many health risks but if left untreated it could be a serious problem to the structural integrity of the property, which could lead to the building becoming structurally weak.

One of the key reasons Dry Rot Ayrshire is a more serious issue compared to other rotting fungi is its ability to spread between timber with ease. This increases the difficulty of repairing the issue, as it may have already spread to another area of the property where there is a moisture source. Another key issue is that Dry Rot does not need a lot of moisture to germinate. Any timber affected by a moisture content of over 20% can provide ideal conditions for Dry Rot to occur.

Although Dry Rot does not generally affect your health directly, if it is present it does mean Damp and Condensation is heavily affecting the property. Mould spores, caused by condensation, can affect people with respiratory issues or underlying health conditions. Although not as common, it has been reported that the dry rot fungus has caused allergic reactions, so be cautious of this.

As previously stated, if Dry Rot Ayrshire is left untreated it can cause damage to the structural integrity of the property. Overtime the fungi can weaken and breakdown the timber. If this is left untreated for long enough, the timber will eventually collapse. For obvious reasons this is a serious health and safety risk. If you believe you are affected by this issue, contact a damp specialist immediately to get the problem rectified.



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