Survey Fees

A typical fee for a non-disruptive survey and report for a domestic property can range from £125 to £250 (no VAT) depending on size of property and scope of survey required.

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As independent specialist surveyors we charge a survey fee as our service is to provide you with the best advice. We do not offer free surveys in the hope of making money undertaking (often unnecessary) remedial works.

Contractors offering a ‘free’ survey derive their income from carrying out remedial treatment work, thus, there is a significant vested interest in the extent of work they consider necessary. You should also be aware that the experience of surveyors working for such companies can vary considerably and they are often incentivised to generate orders by being paid commission.


Owning or developing a property can be a fantastic investment, and even a legacy, when you manage it properly….

The very reason why our sole purpose is to help you protect and maximise your returns from it. When one of our fully qualified surveyors conducts a thorough inspection you can trust that the professional report we provide you with will detail the most appropriate advice and cost effective solutions to maintain or enhance your property’s asset value…

Many people tend to view our services as an unnecessary cost, perhaps even a burden, when in fact we believe the opposite is true and strive obsessively to add value by providing all our clients with long term peace of mind.

Personalised Survey Quote

Our survey fees are dependant on the property size, type and scope of survey required. So we can provide you with the most appropriate service, please contact us, give us a call or drop us an email so we can provide you with a quote for our survey fee. A typical fee for a non-disruptive survey and report for a domestic property can range between £125 and £175 (no VAT).

Please note that if remedial work is specified and you arrange this work through our Approved Specialist Contractor network our survey fee will be refunded to you by the contractor on completion of works.

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