Dry and Wet Rot

Dry Rot and Wet Rot are two of the most common forms of wood rot. Dry Rot and Wet Rot can be devastating problems for homeowners, causing structural damage to buildings. 

A lot can be done before it has visible effects, but early detection and treatment are essential in getting rid of the problem. We’ll go over what it is and how we can help you get rid of it.


Dry Rot:

Contrary to what the name suggests dry rot requires damp conditions to germinate, however it will continue to thrive even when the source of moisture has been eradicated. 

When you suspect that dry rot has taken hold, it’s time to call in the experts. Dry rot can spread quickly by itself, and once it has gained a foothold, left untreated it can cause structural damage and be incredibly costly to repair. A professional contractor will have access to effective treatment chemicals which not only kill the existing dry rot but also prevent any future manifestation.


Wet Rot:

Wet rot is similar to dry rot in that it thrives in damp areas without proper air circulation; in fact, this is one of the reasons it attacks surfaces like walls and floorboards, the other reason being poor construction. It often starts at ground level or below window frames, where you’ll notice wood softening and moulding growing around the area. As mentioned earlier, if left untreated wet rot can cause structural damage which will cost a lot more to repair than having an expert treat it early. Treatments for wet rot are similar to those for dry rot and should be applied by professionals who know how to do it safely and effectively.

If you think you have either dry rot and wet rot in your home don’t hesitate. Give us a call today. We will conduct a thorough inspection and provide a report and specification to one of our approved contractors to take care of the job as quickly and thoroughly as possible before any lasting damage is done. 


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