Damp Proofing Older Properties

Finding a damp related issue in older properties is not uncommon. Older houses were built a lot differently to what they are now, with not a lot of thought being put into damp proofing the property. With over 4 million homes built during the Victorian and Edwardian eras, it is common that they suffer from damp or condensation issues.

There are various types of “older” properties. These are defined as properties that are built before the 1940s. There are various styles of homes from different eras – Georgian, Victorian, Later Victorian and Edwardian housing. Each style of home had their own issues in regards to damp proofing. For example Victorian properties have solid walls which lead to condensation issues while Edwardian homes had no damp proof course, but placed an emphasis on ventilation in the home. Condensation and Penetrating Damp are the most common issues found in these properties. These can lead to problems such as;

  • Damp smell within the property
  • Asthma can be triggered by a black mould spot
  • Structural damage to the home
  • May need to replace furniture around the home
  • Damp walls can lead to heat loss, which puts energy bills up

If you think you need to have Damp Proofing work carried out on your home, it is important you get a specialist to properly diagnose the issue. With Victorian houses especially, it is common for a misdiagnosis to take place. Over insulation and poor ventilation often lead to a condensation related problem. However if the work is not carried out by a qualified damp proofing surveyor, it can be misdiagnosed as a damp problem. With most cases, the qualified surveyor will recommend the property needs a liquid DPC (Damp Proof Course). With any treatment it is always recommended that you have a specialist complete the remedial work.

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