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Sub-floor inspection

Whilst not always possible, I was given permission by the vendor to remove a section of floorboard where I suspected a risk of concealed decay. A very shallow and damp solum has caused decay where timbers rest on the subfloor walls. Remedial works are now able to be accurately factored into my report for the …

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Recent Dry Rot remedial works

A leaking pipe from above caused extensive decay by dry rot to a previously concealed alcove cupboard and lack of sub-floor ventilation allowed this to flourish and attack floor timbers some distance away. The first signs the customer noticed was some fungus peeking out from behind skirting boards. Our initial survey involved lifting an adjacent …

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Is the woodworm active?

It’s sometimes difficult to tell if a woodworm infestation has been recently active. Other times not so much. Fresh bore dust evident to surface of these roof timbers is a dead give away.  


Just a wee selection of recent dry rot mushrooms we’ve come across.   When dry rot fungus (Serpula Lacrymans) faces adverse conditions or when exposed to light it produces a self-reproduction organ called a sporophore. Think of sporophores as the “fruiting bodies” of dry rot. These mushroom-like structures release red spore dust into the air. …

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Woodworm damage

During a recent pre-purchase survey in a countryside property we came across a severe infestation of woodworm within the roof void. Although often referred to generically as woodworm, the species was common furniture beetle (Anobium punctatum) which is the most common wood-boring insect.  It can be found in structural timbers where they lay their eggs …

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What is wood rot?

Fungi advance over the surface of the wood and excrete enzymes as they go. These break down the wood structure and nutrients are absorbed by the mycelium. There are two main types of wood Rot Dry Rot and Wet Rot is often given as the answer. But the correct answer is really Brown rot and …

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Electro-osmosis hocus-pocus

We recently came across a relic of the damp-proofing industry – evidence of electro-osmosis damp-proofing. This “black-magic” was used in the past and must have had some benefit, however, one weak point was that any break in the wire rendered the full system ineffective.  The paragraph below explains the thought process behind it:- Electro osmosis …

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Condensation problem

A wardrobe was moved by this homeowner to allow decoration. Substantial mould growth caused by condensation to the wall surface was found to be dry, however, during the coming winter months this wall surface would be soaking wet if the problem is not addressed. Specific advice was provided to deal with this issue. Mould often …

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